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A measure of resistance to heat gain or loss (insulative ability). R-Values rather than thicknesses can be compared for different materials, since 6″ or fiberglass (R-19) might compare with 12″ of wood or 18′ of stone.


Adding or replacing items to existing buildings. Typical retrofit products are replacement doors and windows, insulation, storm windows, caulking, weatherstripping, vents landscaping.


Any slot cut into masonry or formed into poured concrete or precast stone. May also be an open mortar joint left between two courses of bricks or stones, or a slot cut or cast into other types of building materials.


Movement and distortion of sash or frame because of lack of rigidity, or can be caused by adjustment of ventilator sections. Puts excessive strain on the sealant and may result in joint failure.


A two-sided L-shaped recess in sash or frame to receive lites or panels.