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Wooden exterior framing of the window. 1. A pre-assembled section of wall, including framing (if any), window area, and solid area. 2. A solid filler or facing material, either of one piece or an assembly, or use with a surrounding frame. 3. S length of formed metal sheet, or an assembly of such sheets, usually […]


A coating such as paint, lacquer, enamel, or plastic film in which the principal ingredients are derived from animal or vegetable matter or from some compound or carbon (which includes all plastics).


Hemp-like fibers in loose, ropey strands such as used by plumbers for packing pipe bell pints, and formerly used as joint filler before caulking where deep joints were present. Since superseded by materials such as ethafoam, polyethylene, etc., because of their greater freedom from ingredients that would stain masonry.