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The side and back glass in your car is made using a specific type of glass called tempered glass. This type of glass is used for safety reasons, because when it is struck with enough force to break it, it shatters into small pieces, not the jagged shards of regular glass.

Unfortunately, these small glass pieces will find ways to imbed themselves into your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery – as well as falling into vents. When replacing a broken side or rear window, we vacuum up all the glass shards we can see, but that is rarely every little piece of it. In many cases, the vibration of driving your car brings the rest of the little glass pieces up to the surface of your vehicle’s carpet, or down to the bottom of the door cavity, or even under the seat of your vehicle.  Every little nook can hide a few pieces of chattered auto glass so it is important to be vigilant looking for pieces that can be dangerous to small children or pets.

If you find glass shards even after our cleaning of the glass that we find, you should take your vehicle to an Auto Detailer. They have specialized equipment, tools and products they can use to get more glass out. Insurers don’t cover this service, and any costs would be separate from your auto glass claim or service.