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Feb 17

What you need to know about low-e glass

If you’ve been shopping for new windows and doors in Calgary, you’ve likely heard a thing or two about low-emissivity glass or more simply, low-e glass. The virtues of this product are widely touted but here’s what you what you really need to know if you’re considering window replacement for your home or business.

What exactly is low-e glass?

Low-e glass is glass that’s been coated with a very thin layer—thinner than a single strand of hair—of a safe chemical substance such as silver or titanium that lets in light but blocks heat and UV rays. Because different types of solar energy have different wavelengths, certain types like infrared and ultraviolet will not infiltrate through the glass but visible light will permeate the surface with ease. Normally all four sides of a typical double-paned window are coated meaning that internal temperatures are reflected back inside but external temperatures are kept outside of the building.

Types of low-e glass

There are two categories of low-e glass, each with its own particular virtues. They are as follows:

  • Hard coat. This type of low-e glass is great for windows and doors in colder climates—hello Calgary!—as it lets some of the sun’s short-wave infrared light through to help warm the building. The coating is applied to the glass during the manufacturing process and is essentially baked on to the surface before it’s cut into various sizes for distribution. The result is a product that’s highly durable and efficient.
  • Soft coat. This type of low-e glass is better suited to mild or warm climates as it reduces some of the need to cool interiors. Unlike hard coat low-e glass, soft coating is applied in vacuum chambers at room temperature after the glass has been manufactured and cut into pieces. Soft coat low-e glass is prone to some degradation but it comes in a much wider array of colour options.

Benefits of low-e glass

Why use low-emissivity glass? It’s simple: it’ll save you money, protect your furniture from wear and tear caused by the sun’s UV rays, and most importantly, it’ll help reduce your impact on the environment. Using low-e glass windows and doors in your Calgary home or office will ensure you require less energy to heat and cool your building, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

Glass installation for your business or home

Whether you require window replacement for your residence or commercial enterprise, Economy Glass is the right contractor for the job. We’ve been servicing Calgary and surrounding areas for almost 50 years and offer a wide range of services and products. Contact us today to get more information or to receive a free quote on window replacement.