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Sep 27

How to know if your windshield should be repaired or replaced

How to know if your windshield should be repaired or replaced

When you first notice a chip or crack on your windshield, you may be tempted to ignore it and keep driving. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but it can also lead to you getting pulled over and ticketed. Furthermore, with the change of season you will have to use the defrost on your windshield which most often will cause small dings to become massive cracks that could impair your vision and compromise your safety. The solution? Let Economy Glass perform auto glass chip repair on your windshield here in Calgary, before things escalate.  Chances are pretty good you won’t need a full windshield replacement, but if you do, we can help with that too.

EconomyGlass_Glass-repair-replace: Shattered Car Windshield

Signs you’re windshield can be fixed with a quick repair

Not all dings and cracks are created equal. Nevertheless, most of them can be easily repaired in about half-an-hour. Here are some indications yours falls into this category.

  • You only have a small chip under an inch in diameter.
  • You only have a small crack that’s less than three inches long.
  • The chip or crack is closer to the middle of the windshield and is at least several inches away from the edges.
  • The chip or crack doesn’t fall anywhere within the drivers field of vision.
  • The chip or crack only penetrates one of the two layers of glass on the windshield. The layer it penetrates is external.

Signs your windshield needs to be replaced

Unfortunately, sometimes the damage to your windshield will indicate that you need to have the entire thing replaced. The good news is Economy Glass provides auto glass replacement for Calgary clientele at a competitive price, either onsite or in our shop. Here are some markers that replacement is the solution for you.

  • You have cracks and chips. The more complex these are, the more likely it is that replacement is necessary.
  • You have a single crack that’s over a foot long.
  • You have a crack that’s located near the edge of the windshield.
  • You have a chip that penetrates both layers of glass on your windshield or is located on the internal side of the glass.
  • The crack or chip falls directly within the driver’s field of vision.

We’re here to solve your windshield woes

Auto glass repair and/ or replacement doesn’t have to be complicated. Economy glass has been providing full glass services to Calgary residents for over 45 years. We can let you know if replacement or repair will work best for you. Quality products, superior workmanship and friendly service are what we have to offer.Give us a ring to arrange a repair or get a free quote.