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Industry Terms


Polyvinyl chloride material that can be both rigid or flexible, used in glazing channels and weathering of both windows and doors.


As with heat-strengthened glass, it is re-heated to just below the melting point, but suddenly cooled. When shattered it breaks into small pieces. It is approximately five times stronger than standard annealed glass. It must be used as safety glazing in patio doors, entrance doors, side lites, and other hazardous locations. It can’t be re-cut […]


A second set of windows installed on the outside or inside of the prime windows to provide additional insulation.


The upright vertical edges of a door, window or screen.


Heat-strengthened float glass with a colored-ceramic coating adhered to the back by a heat-fusing process. It has double the strength of annealed glass of the same size and thickness, enabling it to withstand greater uniform loads and thermal stresses. Spandrel glass cannot be re-cut after heat-strengthening. It is used as a fixed opaque colored glass […]


Small blocks of composition, wood, rubber, etc., placed on each side of lites or panels to center them in the channel and maintain uniform width of sealant beads. Use of spacers prevents distorting the sealant excessively.


Devices that are U-shaped in cross-sections and an inch or more in length, placed on the edges of lites or panels to serve both as shims to keep the lites or panels centered in the sash or frames, and as spacers to keep the lites or panels centered in the channels and maintain uniform width […]


A slider window may have one or two movable panes of glass. Whatever the type, the windows slide horizontally in the frame.


Similar in appearance to the double-hung window, the single-hung window features a stationary top and a movable bottom half.


The use of single thickness of glass in a window or door (as opposed to sealed insulating glass which offers far superior insulating characteristics).